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Gutter Styles

When we say Make Gutter Great Again, it's not just a catchy phrase. At The Gutter Guy we really cannot stand the lack of care, interest and concern that is common among most of our competitors. That's why we are always up to date with the best materials, and products available. Currently that product list includes:
  • 5" Seamless K Style
  • 6" Seamless K Style
  • 6" Seamless Half-Round
  • 7" Seamless K Style
  • Commercial Custom Box Gutter (ANY SIZE OR SHAPE)
  • Commercial Steel Facia
  • 6" Seamless Box Gutter
  • Custom Profile Gutter
  • Radius Gutter
  • Fiberglass Radius Gutter

Leaf Protection Styles

The Gutter Guy offers dozens of styles of leaf protection. While there are many cheap forms of Leaf Protection available, experience proves that not all should be used. We may seem pushy about what we like, but it's because we have personally tested ALL leaf guard designs in and out of the current market, and frankly, most are crap.
This list represents the more common options on the market as well as our professional opinion on them.
The Gutter Guy Smart Flo
  • Lifetime No-Clog Warranty*
  • Solid/Drilled type
  • Fits inside the gutter with little to no visibility from the ground
  • installed in 10 foot lengths
  • Opinion - This is BY FAR the best design for East Texas. While it is NOT perfect, the balance of strength, protection and cost fit nearly all applications.

The Gutter Guy Eave-N-Flow
  • Lifetime No-Clog Warranty*
  • .019 Aluminum for extra strength
  • Invisible from the ground
  • Installed in 4 foot lengths
  • Opinion - This is nearly the same as smart-flo but a little thicker and more expensive. -obsolete-

The Gutter Guy Berger Gutter Shingle
  • Solid Copper
  • Micromesh design
  • Opinion - If you NEED copper screens, this is pretty much the only reasonable screen on the market. It is overly expensive for its functionality, which is why we have made it possible to use smart-flo on copper applications.

The Gutter Guy Mesh Guard
  • Combines micro mesh and slotted hole debris filtering
  • Opinion - This is a good idea.. However it is extremely over priced, the micro-mesh is too small for East Texas and the pollen seasons clog it instantly, and it is a very structurally weak design that inevitably will collapse into the gutter over time.

The Gutter Guy Lea-Free
Lea-Free works* on the scientific principle of water adhesion. The patent pending design allows water to enter the gutter while keeping leaves and debris out. Available in 14 aluminum colors and copper.
  • Opinion - When we say that some designs are crap, this is one of them. WHILST this "Gutter Helmet" style leaf protection is often billed as the highest level of ingenuity it just doesn't work. It's true that a fair amount of water will "stick" to the metal and go into the gutter, when leaves get wet they too "stick" to the metal and follow the water right into your now, uncleanable gutters. That at a pricetag of more than the original gutters.
  • The Gutter Guy NO Mesh
    The Gutter Guy does not sell mesh type gutter guards. It has been our experience that they cause more trouble than they are worth. The honeycomb mesh pattern catches leaves and pine straw, quickly making an unsightly dam of debris on top of the gutter.
  • Opinion - Mesh type screens represent the lowest level of leaf protection around, as such, we will not sell it. You will find most mesh type guards come with hinged brackets for "easy access". If you need to remove your leaf guards to clean your gutters, all they have done is cost you hard earned money.

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