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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain collection isn't just for "living off the grid" anymore, between drought and the rising utility bills, things like watering your lawn or garden can become too costly to maintain. That is where Rain Harvesting comes in. Why pay for something that you can catch for free?
From a simple barrel to an underground tank and pump, The Gutter Guy can provide the right type of Rain Water Collection System to fit your specific needs.

How much rainwater can be collected from a 2,000-square-foot home?

As a general rule of thumb, for every inch of rain that falls on a 2,000-square-foot roof about 1,000 gallons of water can be collected

Did you know that Texas promotes the use of Rain Harvesting Systems?

Rain Harvesting systems are Tax Exempt and can reduce your property taxes. To learn more about Texas and Rain Harvesting go to:

The Gutter Guy Spring Saver Barrels
  • Easily added to any existing gutter system
  • Flat Back for Small Footprint
  • 28 Colors
  • Built-in leaf grate and overflow
  • 50 Gallons

The Gutter Guy Rain Saver Barrels
  • 54 Gallons
  • Higher quality material than Spring Saver
  • Recycled material

The Gutter Guy Rain Collector Tanks
  • These tanks are specifically designed for capture AND storage of rain rater
  • Eclipse™ Lining prevents Algae growth
  • 100 Gallons to 250 Gallons
  • 28 Colors
  • 5 Year Warrany

The Gutter Guy In-ground Tanks
In-ground systems can be designed from scratch to meet your water collection needs. Systems start at 300 Gallons and go as high as 75,000 Gallons with a single tank. Unlike above ground barrels or tanks that can only catch water from a specific area of your home, in-ground systems can connect your ENTIRE gutter system into one central tank.

Pricing While there are many variables, Above ground water collection runs between $1.50 - $3.50 per Gallon. In-ground Systems usually cost $6.00 per Gallon (complete with pump).
The estimate is free, so call us today and see what your system would cost.